Philosophy can essentially be described as a traditional sense or a science in layman’s terms. Philosophers use rationality to arrive at scientific knowledge of our environment and the world as a whole. However, modern times saw philosophy separated from modern sciences and considered as a study in its own right. A study that comprises of fundamental as well as the general nature of knowledge, existence, mind, reason, values and even language. The world has witnessed quite a good number of significant and renowned philosophers throughout the centuries who still appeal to and greatly influence the intellectuality of thinkers in society.

5 most influential philosophers

Despite the fact that the world has had many great philosophers over time, the following are the 5 most influential philosophers the globe has known:

He lived from 384 – 322 BC. He is famous for Aristotelian logic & theory of soul. He is considered as the 3rdd member who had great philosophical influence on the Western world. He provided ideas in areas such as metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, ethics, science and even politics. He was Alexander the great’s teacher and a student of Plato. He wrote treatises such as Nicomachean Ethics. He was a firm believer of ethics of the practical application of ethics.

Friedrich Nietzsche
He was a German Philosopher he lived from 1844 to 1900. He is renowned for his God is dead statement and life-affirmation. His ideas covered much ground and this resulted in people asking questions that they would have otherwise have asked. His main crux was the life-affirmation idea. Other ideas is credited for are master-slave morality, will to power, the Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy and perspectivism.

Immanuel Kant
He was a German philosopher was lived from 1724 to 1804. He is equally renowned for being an influential philosopher who helped shape the philosophical history of the Western world and a key figure in modern philosophy. He is remembered for his famous argument that the human mind is responsible for structuring human experiences as well as the philosophy that reason is morality’s source. He is also renowned for his attempts at resolving rationalist and empirical approaches. His argument was that using reason without its application to experience only resulted to theoretical illusions. His main works was the Critique of Pure Reason.

He lived from c. 428 to c. 348 BC. Plato was a Greek philosopher who is also renowned for having a great influence on the current world. He was Socrates’ student. Plato, Aristophanes and Xenophon are credited with penning down quite a number of the teachings of Socrates who never wrote down anything despite being the source of numerous preaching and ideas of Western philosophy. It is through his teachings that the world was able to be enlightened with his philosophical brimming rays. Socrates and Plato are considered to be the ones who gave birth to philosophy itself.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
He lived from 1712 – 1778. He was popularly referred to as simply Rousseau. He is still significant and important because of his invaluable philosophical contributions as well because of the fact that he influenced many thinkers at a later period. He is famous for his excellent contributions to political and moral philosophy. His philosophical theory is dominated by the concept of preserving the human freedom in an existence whereby people are increasingly being dependent on each other for the satisfaction of their needs. He was also known to be a music theorist, an active composer, a botanist and a novelist.

The above insightful information about 5 most influential philosophers clearly outlines the contributions of some of the most intellectual men that ever walked the planet earth.




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